Empowering students with skills and values through the ART of TAEKWON-DO, Building a more peaceful world. 

Taranaki Taekwon-Do Established 1993
                                                        New Plymouth, New Zealand. 

Instructor - Master Neill Livingstone QSM VII Dan

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Master Neill Livingstone QSM VII Dan  is the Chief Instructor and founding member of Taranaki Taekwon-Do. Since 1993 he has been commited to teaching General Choi Hong Hi's Taekwon-Do to the wider Taranaki community and throughout New Zealand. In 2019 Master Livingstone was recognised for his his services to Taekwon-Do and was awarded the New Zealand Queens Service Medal. Master Livingstone has an open door policy to all martial artists and clubs regardless of affiliation. ​​Open for all - Excluding none. 

Student of The Year 

2019 Dan - David Apimerika & Pauline Flynn
            Gup - Greer Parkes
2018 Kim Goodey

2017 Lexy Ollington

2016 Frances Rookes & Glenwyn Flynn

2015 Matt Irvine

2014 Qingfeng Du

2013 Esmond Williams

2012 Conal Page

2011 Reuben Douds

2010 Malcolm Tippett

2009  Glenwyn Flynn

2008  Cath Tippett

2007  Theresa Farmer

2006   Alex lovell

2005   Frances Rookes & Brent Flynn

2004   Philip Sanders

2003   Josef  Sidler

2002   Dale Copeland

2001   Chloe Arbuckle

2000   Hayden Price

1999   Yardley Family 

1998   Mike Yardley

1997   Carl Hartley

1996   Shane Taepa

1995   Kirsten Hasell 

1994   Steven Jacobson

1993   John Bevin